The challenges of citizen participation in the mental health sector: the case of the empowerment process for young people with first psychotic episodes at Prépsy,

Poster C82, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Guy Gozlan1,2, Annie Bartoli2, Jihen Sebai2; 1Prépsy, Université Saint Quentin en Yvelynes, France, 2Université Saint Quentin en Yvelynes, France, 3Université Saint Quentin en Yvelynes, France

At the heart of WHO's vision of health promotion, the empowerment of young people with a first episode of psychosis and their full integration into society is increasingly the concern of some psychiatric services. This concept was developed to allow the patient to become involved in the organization of his care and the stated objective is to have a society in which he is a full citizen in care services configured to support its autonomy and social inclusion, rather than considering it solely as a patient. It is a process by which he takes control of his own life, learns to make his own choices, and participates in decisions about him, while arming himself more to contribute to the community. Some developments in this direction have been noted in some countries and are still rare in France. In the Prépsy service, in Paris, the recognition of the young patient as an actor of his health, or even as a peer helper, goes in this direction. The Prépsy empowerment program corresponds to the acquisition by the young patient of the knowledges, skills and resources needed to implement his projects. Empowerment, for its part, thus appears as a goal of socialization actions, quality care and good assistance in the most acute phases of the treatment from which he can benefit.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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