Poster C78, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Xysta Edmund3; 1University of the West Indies, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, Mona Campus, 2University of Wales, Swansea, 3University of the West Indies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Cave Hill Campus

The study aimed to determine how perspectives and perceptions of the main stakeholders, relate to the performance of the mental health delivery system (MHDS). The study employed a mixed method approach. The principal study design utilized an interpretivist paradigm, where qualitative methodology formed the principal study design supported by a complementary quantitative method. The data collection tools included the quality of life survey: brief version, the Accountability and Performance Indicators for Mental Health, Service and support, and a qualitative interview guide. The units of analysis included persons suffering from severe mental illness, policy makers, programme managers, health providers working in clinical and non-clinical service delivery settings and three treatment settings. The situation of the mentally ill including their quality of life was defined as poor. The main stakeholder roles were identified as service delivery and collaborative governance. The MHDS assessment summarised the performance of the system as inadequate while the majority of the policy makers and programme managers defined the system performance as satisfactory. The findings of this study indicate that the perceptions, perspectives and expectations of stakeholders relate to the performance of the MHDS system by creating an environment which can define and support the implementation of critical success attributes and also indirectly enable barriers to progress and change. Information from the stakeholders and the MHDS assessment reveal challenges but also opportunities to design and implement recovery oriented mental health delivery systems that can better assure access to quality services to all persons in need of care.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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