Building Bridges & Pathways: Improving Service Access for Young People

Poster C69, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Beverley Moss1; 1Northern Sydeny Local Health District

Review of selected Government and non-Government services in NSLHD in 2016 indicated that there were no clear referral pathways between the services resulting in delays; and no processes for transferring or sharing information resulting in duplication of assessments. A clinical redesign project was completed with the goal of improving referral pathways and communication between three early psychosis services, two headspace centres and a non-Government agency providing drug & alcohol services to young people. A group of key stakeholders from the participating services worked together to develop referral and decision-making pathways, supported by education & training, and worked collaboratively to overcome barriers to the smooth transition of young people between their services. Following the roll out of a training program, 90% of clinicians indicated that they had the confidence and skills to complete a CAARMS assessment, increasing the opportunities for early detection of psychosis.. Decision making pathways were developed including screening, assessment and referral. These were implemented and evaluated. Feedback from clinicians and young people was positive, indicating that the streamlined processes were effective. Data showed the successful transfer of young people between services and increased collaboration, joint decision-making and referrals. In addition, a suite of assessment tools was identified to assist with clarification of diagnosis, and written information about the assessment process was developed for young people. Processes and assessments are now in place to increase early detection of psychosis and improve pathways for young people between services. Communication and collaboration are well established between the participating services.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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