Creating a national network of Early psychosis services with primary care-challenges and successes

Poster C76, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Heather Stavely1, Craig Hodges1, Professor Eoin Killackey1,2, Professor Patrick McGorry1,2; 1Orygen The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, 2University of Melbourne, Centre for Youth Mental Health

Implementing Early Psychosis services with primary care and creating an Australian National Network has been a unique opportunity and has bought many challenges and learning from the process. Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health has undertaken a significant youth mental health project at a national level. The Youth Early psychosis project project was the development within the primary care setting of six national headspace centres. Service development activities were undertaken within this project to assist with the implementation and establishment process and a major aspect for the program was establishing a national network, particularly for the leadership groups. While local and national level influences impacted the implementation process the learning from the youth early psychosis programs led to a strong need for a national network and continued advocacy of early psychosis programs. As part of the process national forums and workshops were held which proved to be of high value to the leaders and other participants with strong engagement. Having a national approach to implementation along with the evaluation of national forums and workshops for the programs provided valuable feedback to review their requirements and adapt the implementation process. Development of a national network led to reduced isolation, proved a unique way to share and trouble-shoot experiences and provided a more consistent national approach to continue to advocate for early psychosis services.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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