Prevalance of substance use and its correlates in the first episode of psychosis

Poster A122, Monday, October 8, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Attila Szigeti1, Felicity Fanning1, Corina Muprhy1, Aisling McClenaghan1, Anthony Kinsella1, Donal O'Keefe1, Roisin Doyle1, Mary Clarke1; 1DETECT [Dublin and East Treatment and Early Care Team], Saint John of God Community Services

Background To determine prevalence of substance use among patients with first episode of psychosis (FEP) in comparison to the general population and clinical correlates including aggression and violence levels in co-morbid presentations. Method All service users presenting to a geographically defined catchment based early intervention service were recruited. Socio-demographic data were collected, and clinical variables were assessed with a set of standardized instruments: SCID (Structured Interview for DSM-IV-TR), SAPS (Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms) , SANS (Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms), CDSS (Calgary depression Scale for Schizophrenia), YMRS (Young Mania Rating Scale). MOAS (Modified Overt Aggression Scale) was used to retrospectively assess aggression and violence recorded as occurring in 6 months before and after each patient’s presentation with FEP. Results 269 patients with FEP were included. Illicit substance use and prevalence of alcohol use disorders was significantly higher in patient with FEP than in the general population on both national and regional level [Difference: 9.2%, 95%CI: 2.32 to 16.06, p=0.0082]. Substance users presented on average 6 years younger to psychiatric services with FEP than non-users. There were no significant differences in positive, negative and affective symptoms between substance user and non-user groups at presentation. In contrast aggression and violence had a significant association with illicit substance use [OR: 1.464 (1.090 – 1.967), p=0.009]. Conclusion Substance use is significantly more prevalent in FEP cohort than in general population and may contribute to a younger presentation with FEP and higher aggression levels.

Topic Area: Substance Use

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