Risk factors analysis of long hospital stay of schizophrenia patients:a retrospective study

Poster B9, Tuesday, October 9, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Lanying Liu1, LUO Li-yuan1, HU Ling-tao1, ZHOU Yong-can1, JIANG Lu1, LI Wei1, FENG Bin1; 1Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province

Objective[请按照修改后的中文摘要修改英文摘要部分 回答:已按要求修改] Explore the risk factors of long hospital stay(>60 days) inpatients of schizophrenia and provide evidence for community mental rehabilitation Methods With multifactor Logistic regression analysis method, 460 cases of schizophrenia who were hospitalized in Tongde hospital of Zhejiang province from 2011-2015 year were investigated demographic factors and characteristics of the disease for the risk factors of long hospital stay. Results 460 cases of patients with schizophrenia, male 262 cases, 56.95%, female 198 cases, 43.05%, average age (50.51±15.40)years old, married(354cases, 76.96%), below high school education level(278 cases, 60.43% ), retirement/unemployment(338 cases, 73.48%) and course of the disease >5 years(377 cases, 81.96%). Multi-factor Logistic regression analysis results show that older age (OR=3.846, 95%CI: 1.988~7.440),the longer course of the disease (OR=5.816, 95%CI: 2.948~11.472) were danger factors for patients with long-term hospitalization; female (OR=0.580, 95%CI: 0.352~0.954), high degree of education (OR=0.072, 95%CI: 0.040~0.129) were protective factors for patients with long-term hospitalization.Conclusion High age, long duration, low cultural level, and male are risk factors for long-term hospitalization for schizophrenia.

Topic Area: Epidemiology

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