Changes in Clinical Contact After Initiation of 3-monthly Paliperidone Injection

Poster A108, Monday, October 8, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Debasis Das1, Alexander Davis1; 1Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, UK

Long-acting Antipsychotic injections (LAI) have been used to improve concordance in Schizophrenia. Introduction of 3-monthly LAI (Paliperidone) proposes further improvement in adherence. Studies report LAI’s reduce re-hospitalisation in schizophrenia patients. The impact of initiating 3-monthly LAI,on community contacts with the care coordinator, in the PIER team (a community based first episode psychosis service) was evaluated. Retrospective analysis of electronic clinical records was done, up to 6 months prior to starting LAI and 6 months post start date of LAI, looking at community contacts with patient’s care coordinator and clinic reviews with psychiatrist. 11 eligible patients were included in the evaluation. 91% (10) patients were male. Average age was 28.5 years. Diagnoses were Schizophrenia (82%) and Psychosis NOS (18%). Trend towards reduction in the total number of community contacts with the care coordinator, six months after initiation of the LAI, compared to 6 months prior to the initiation of LAI was seen, although this was not statistically significant (p=0.46). Trend towards reduction in total time spent with patient, in community contacts, during the same period observed, but not statistically significant (p=0.39). No such differences were seen three months pre-and post-LAI. No difference in clinical contacts with psychiatrists was observed. Although not statistically significant, there was trend towards reduction, both in time dedicated to the patient by care coordinator as well as the number of community contacts. Further studies with larger sample size and longer duration may help better understand the implications, as this may have resource and cost ramifications.

Topic Area: Psychopharmacology

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