SHIOK! – Improving the physical health of people with first episode psychosis in Singapore

Poster C94, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom


In an effort to promote and provide better physical healthcare for young people with psychosis, EPIP has initiated SHIOK! (“Staying Healthy = Interest + Optimism + Keeping It Up!”). In the first phase of our project, we focused on creating awareness of the importance and magnitude of physical health problems amongst clients and treating team members. We conducted an internal audit to better understand the prevalence of chronic medical conditions amongst EPIP clients. We also examined the adequacy of cardiometabolic monitoring and the appropriateness of interventions performed for clients found to have medical issues. To equip our team members with the necessary knowledge and skills, we organized a series of talks by physicians, dieticians, smoking cessation pharmacists, Health Promotion Board Health Ambassadors, and Motivational Interviewing trainers. We also developed the “Positive Physical Health Resource”, an intervention framework to guide mental health professionals on the management of physical health issues. In the second phase of our project, we recalibrated our focus to improving clinical processes and developing interventions for our clients and their caregivers. We liaised with the ambulatory services to ensure that clients have their anthropometric measurements and blood pressures taken at every outpatient visit. We also put in place internal processes to ensure that clients have the necessary blood investigations done at recommended intervals. Lastly, we collaborated with various Polytechnics to design and conduct nutrition and exercise related group activities and events for our clients and caregivers. The experiences of the SHIOK! journey and its impact will be shared.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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