Implementation of Early Intervention for Psychosis Services across the province of Quebec, Canada: Successes and Challenges

Poster A51, Monday, October 8, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Amal Abdel-Baki1, Cynthia Delfosse1, Nathalie Gingras1, Sophie L'Heuureux1, Frederique Nadeau-Marcotte1, David Olivier1, Clairélaine Ouellet-Plamondon1, Aldanie Rho1, Marie Villeneuve1; 1University of Montreal Hospital Centre

Background: Over the past 20 years, 18 Early Intervention Services (EIS) have been implemented across the province of Quebec without local guidelines. The 2015-2020 Mental Health Action Plan of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (QMHSS) aims to develop EIS all regions. In 2017, the QMHSS published its EIS reference framework setting the provincial standards and invested $10’000’000 for the development of 10-15 new programs. Strategies to support the implementation of evidence-based programs for early psychosis are proposed. The “Association Québécoise des Programmes pour Premiers Episodes Psychotiques” (AQPPEP) offers mentoring, regular specialized training and continuous education (webinars, courses, conferences). Basic training organized by both the MHSS and National Center of Excellence in Mental Health (NCEMH) is also available. Challenges arise in the scalingup of other programs, which have administrative and organizational differences, and practices that sometimes diverge from EIS guidelines’ core principles. Programs in non-urban areas need to adapt the EIS model developed in academic urban contexts to their reality (spread-out catchment areas, lower population density, thus affecting the team size and composition) which limits the intensity of follow-up and the availability of some specialized psychosocial interventions. Adaptations for the younger population is required. Conclusion: Continued training, mentoring and networking of clinicians and researchers, as well as the support from local and provincial deciders will help EIS attain and maintain the best standards. The synergy of collaboration between AQPPEP’s practicing community, the NCEMH and the QMHSS should provide optimal conditions to wide implementation across Quebec.

Topic Area: First Episode Psychosis

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