Implementation of Early Intervention in Psychosis Services in the Republic of Ireland

Poster C80, Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Essex Ballroom

Katherine Brown1, Rhona Jennings; 1Health Service Executive Ireland

In Ireland National Clinical Programmes in Mental Health have been developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE), (public service health provider) in partnership with the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. The primary aims of all HSE Clinical Programmes such as the Early Intervention in Psychosis National Clinical Programme are standardisation of quality evidence based practise, improved access and cost effectiveness. The implementation of this national plan for Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) as described in the EIP “Model of Care” will reform the provision of mental health services for individuals presenting with a first episode of psychosis to ensure the provision of early detection, specialist assessment, assertive engagement and the provision of evidence based multidisciplinary interventions and follow up for three years. The emphasis is on recovery with full participation in society. This plan has been developed in collaboration with service users and their families as well as with input from all professional groups. Given the demographics and population in the republic of Ireland the model of service provision has been developed to suit both rural and urban population bases with a combination of both hub and spoke and standalone models. This service development will require significant organisational and cultural changes as well as leadership and significant resources to realise the full potential of what is detailed in the model of care. Implementation of the Model of Care to ensure service users receive a consistent quality service are the challenges faced in leading out this national clinical programme.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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