Prevalence of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in First Episode Psychosis Patients

Poster A140, Thursday, October 20, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Jo Smith1, Lisa Griffiths1, Dominic Horne1; 1University of Worcester

Background: Previous research in patients with schizophrenia in the US and European population groups have demonstrated a high prevalence of metabolic syndrome and disease progression (~35-40%) which presents an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and long-term mortality. To date, limited research has determined the prevalence of existing cardiometabolic risk factors at time of diagnosis. This study presents a clinical overview of the cardiometabolic risk profile in young people presenting with early psychosis from a UK real world early intervention in psychosis service. Methods: Participants (n=45; 71% male) clinically diagnosed with first episode psychosis (22), schizophrenia (13), bipolar disorder (3), unspecified non-organic psychosis (5) or acute psychotic episode (2) for < 6 months Duration of Untreated Psychosis were assessed for anthropometric, lifestyle behaviours and clinical measurements including resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood lipids, HbA1c and prolactin. Results: Overall, data suggests participants (aged 18-37 yrs) had high prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors due to elevated values for BMI (38.1%), abdominal adiposity (57.5%), high blood pressure (30.8% prehypertensive; 20.5% hypertensive), elevated resting heart rate (44.7%), hypercholesterolemia (27.9%), suboptimal HDL levels (25.6%), and hypertriglyceridemia (42.1%). In addition, participants also self-reported poor lifestyle habits including smoking (55.8%), alcohol use (37.2%), substance use (16.3%), poor diet (53.5%), and sedentary lifestyle (39.5%). Conclusions:Young people with psychosis are at increased risk for cardiometabolic disorders due to elevated clinical markers and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours. Physical health interventions are needed early in the treatment process to address the increased risk for cardiometabolic disorders in individuals recently diagnosed with psychosis.

Topic Area: Translational Research

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