Multifamily Groups and Single Family Intervention within an early psychosis service: Are there differences in patient satisfaction?

Poster A95, Thursday, October 20, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Marlene Buch Pedersen1, Hanne-Grethe Lyse2, Signe Svendsen3, Jens Einar Jansen4, Ulrik Helt Haahr5, Erik Simonsen6; 1Early Psychosis Intervention Center Region Zealand, Denmark, 2Early Psychosis Intervention Center Region Zealand, Denmark, 3Early Psychosis Intervention Center Region Zealand, Denmark, 4Psychiatry South, Region Zealand, Denmark, 5Psychiatric Research Unit, Region Zealand, Denmark, 6Psychiatric Research Unit, Region Zealand, Denmark

Background: The importance of psychoeducative family intervention in first episode psychosis (FEP) is well-established. Risk of relapse is diminished and patients report satisfaction with treatment including family intervention. While many studies documents effect both of multifamily groups (MFG) and single family intervention (SFI), less is known as to which is most helpful and under what conditions. One study questions whether MFG is indicated in FEP. Aims: To examine differences in patient satisfaction, depending on type of family intervention. Material and method: Fifty-two patients included in an early-psychosis service (OPUS) with an ICD-10 diagnosis of F20-F29 (excl. F21), aged 18-35 years, in Psychiatry Region Zealand, Denmark. 90.9 % were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Inclusion period is 1.4.2011 – 31.3.2013. Half of the OPUS teams offer MFG, and the other half SFI. At 3 years follow-up patients satisfaction with care is evaluated by a seven-point Likert scale, from 1 (very unsatisfied) to 7 (very satisfied). Results: Fifty two out of 150 patients are assessed until now. Out of these 23.1 % have received SFI, 23.1 % MFG and 53.8 % not manualized family sessions. Two thirds report high to very high satisfaction with the family intervention. There are no significant differences between MFG and SFI. Thirty percent report major differences in showing up. Conclusion: There seems to be no major differences in the satisfaction with SFI and MFG, and 30 % patients report difficulties showing up to treatment services only a few of these report that large distances is the major problem.

Topic Area: First Episode Psychosis

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