Is there a difference between Late Staters and Late First Offenders in murders with schizophrenia?

Poster A16, Thursday, October 20, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Ik-Seung Chee1, JeeHyun Kwon2, Young-Lan Kim3; 1Deparment of Psychiatry, Chungnam National University Hospital, 2Department of Psychiatry, VHS Medical Center, Daejeon, 3Chee's Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Daejeon

Objectives: Many studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between schizophrenia and criminal behavior including homicide. This study was conducted to evaluate the different aspects of murders with schizophrenia according to onset age. Methods: All participants were murders with schizophrenia(N=177). Authors invested the demographic data and psychological tests. They filled out the Korean Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised(PPI-R) for psychopathy and Personality Assessment Inventory(PAI) for psychological characteristics. Authors divided participants into two group according to onset age(34 years) of psychotic symptom and compared the two group. First was Late Starters group(LSG, N=63) that started offending after schizophrenia onset but at age 34 years or under. Second was Late First Offenders group(LFOG, N=114) that showed offending after schizophrenia onset but at age 35 years or older. Results: LSG had significantly shorter duration of untreated period(p=0.016), younger at first diagnosis(P=0.001), faster of onset of psychotic symptom(P=0.001), and shorter duration from onset to offending time(P=0.001) than LFOG. IQ was higher in LFOG than LSG(P=0.001). Psychopathy prevalence was significantly higher in LFOG(Fisher’s Exact test, P=0.007) on PPI-R than in LSG. Among PPI-R, Items of SOI(P=0.021), VR(P=0.001), FD(P=0.005) were significantly higher in LFOG than LSG. On PAI, Items of INF(P=0.006), PIM(P=0.041) were significantly higher in LFOG than LSG and ANX-C(P=0.029), DEP-C(P=0.049) were significantly higher in LSG than LFOG. Conclusion: These results suggested that murders with schizophrenia may have the different aspects according to the onset ages with LSG and LFOG. In Future, we need a comparison study with non-schizophrenia offenders and offender with schizophrenia.

Topic Area: Diagnosis and Phenomenology

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