The PIPPEP Program: Application of Results Based Innovation in Improving Public Health Services for Early Psychosis Care in Barcelona Area

Poster C39, Saturday, October 22, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Esther Lobo1, Marta Coromina1; 1St John of God Health Park

OBJECT In 2007 the government of Catalonia funded specific teams for early psychosis treatment (PAE-TPI). With the economic crisis these teams have not been generalized. In PSSJD we created the program PIPPEP in order to implement, within the regular teams, the organizational and clinical intervention strategies from PAE-TPI that have proved to be most cost-effective. MATERIALS AND METHODS These strategies involve accessibility (increase knowledge in primary care, reduce waiting time), intervention (integral evaluation and interdisciplinary treatment, comorbidity care, family support and participation in treatment, health care continuity) and training and research with the professionals involved. RESULTS All indicators have improved significantly compared to the treatment as usual (TAU) and approaching the gold standard (PAE-TPI). The incidence in service has increased (6.9/100,000 hab) as well as HRMS (2.8/100.000 hab), and the DUP (17 weeks) and the drop-out rate (12%) have decreased. CONCLUSIONS It is possible to improve results with the available resources by selecting interventions from the efficiency perspective, reorganizing teams and prioritizing the community treatment. In a forthcoming study we will also analyze hospital resource consumption, improvement of clinical parameters, and their sustenance over time.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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