Aspects of capacity and performance in the conditions of the first crisis of psychotic type and psychosocial strategies of functional health

Poster B116, Friday, October 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Maria de Nazareth Malcher1, Ileno Izidio da Costa2, Camila Izabel Cruz Souza3; 1Professor Adjunto Universidade de Brasília. Brasil., 2Professor da Univerdade de Brasília. Coordenador do GIPSI . Brasil., 3Bolsista de iniciação cientifica. Graduanda do curso de Terapia Ocupacional. Campus Ceilândia. UnB. Brasil

This study aims to describe the functional health in the conditions of the first crisis of psychotic type, such as investment in clinical strategies in an integrated way, highlighting the links and roles, supporting the reestablishment of the previous health seclusion. For this, we performed a descriptive quantitative study using Canadian measurement protocol Occupational Performance (COPM) in a sample of people in the first crises of the psychotic type served by Early Intervention Group the first crises of Psychotic type, the Institute of Psychology, University Brasilia (GIPSI / IP / UNB), Brazil. Data will be presented as the frequency aspects of the capacity and performance that these people have, even in crisis situations. In this scenario, we focus to the Occupational Therapy approach as a psychosocial intervention with clinical practices, through the understanding of mediation on the capacity and performance of the subject and its representation as the social roles and performing daily tasks necessary for the proper functioning, and thereby direct the recovery of productive areas of the subject to reach the satisfactory occupational performance.

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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