Treatment of first episode patients with psychosis on psychotherapeutic ward - evaluation of therapeutic program

Branka Restek-Petrović1, Majda Grah1, Nina Mayer1, Daniela Šago1, Anamarija Bogović1, Hrvoje Handl1, Igor Filipčić1; 1"Sveti Ivan" Psychiatric Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia

Early intervention program for patients with psychosis and their family members is organized in „Sveti Ivan“ Psychiatric Hospital since 2005. The program consists of inpatient treatment program on psychotherapeutic ward and the outpatient part: psychoeducation for patients and family members and psychodynamic group psychotherapy for patients and their family members separately. Inpatient program offers psychodynamic group psychotherapy four times a week, CBT workshops, antistigma workshops, psychoeducation, occupational and work therapy in the therapeutical frame of therapeutic community. In this paper the results of measurements of quality of life, insight, attitudes towards the medication and self-esteem will be presented.

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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