Basic Psychological Support (BPS): A Protocol for the Care of People with Panic Attack

Donato Cattani1, Paolo Scapellato2; 1Istituto Skinner - Roma, 2Università Europea Di Roma

BPS (Basic Psychological Support) is a new protocol aimed at the population useful to implement the skills for the care of people with crisis of anxiety and panic. As the BLS (basic life support) wants to make everybody able to provide first aid in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, so the BPS wants to make everybody able to render assistance in the event of panic attacks. The panic attack is an increasingly frequent phenomenon in the world. Prevalence estimates in a year in the US are of 11.2% in adults. Therefore, the possibility of being able to assist a person with a panic attack in progress is an increasingly more likely condition. The protocol is based on the latest research in the field of clinical psychology and psycho-physiology; It does not replace clinical or pharmacological interventions. The spread of the BPS in the population will increase public attention to clinical psychology and help the society to more correctly understand the phenomenon of panic. The protocol has been tested in a pilot research that has shown excellent efficacy in terms of self-efficacy and theoretical knowledge. The course includes a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part the student will know the observations and actions to be undertaken, in the practical part will instead exercised by carrying out these tasks. They are in the course of application extensions to other acute psychopathological situations, like depression, suicide, psychotic crisis, ADHD, PTSD, addiction, insomnia. BPS is a registered trademark

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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