The Reinvestment in EIP services: The EIP Access and Waiting Time Standard

Stephen McGowan1, Paul French1,2; 1NHS England North, 2University of Liverpool

Background: This presentation will describe the process leading to a national reinvestment in EIP services through new government policy introducing Access and Waiting Time standards for mental health services in 2015/16 (NHSE 2015), including EIP services. Materials and methods: An audit by IRIS in collaboration with Rethink, a non-government organisation led to the ‘Lost Generation’ report (Rethink 2014) and a campaign calling for EIP to be safeguarded and developed. A coalition was formed between senior clinicians and politicians to protect existing EIP services and expand the range of services provided. This led to new government policy supporting EIP investment and development through the introduction of an EIP Access and Waiting Time standard. Results: The presentation will describe the new Access and Waiting Time standard for EIP services. The standard stretches EIP in a number of ways: people experiencing a FEP or ARMS should be accepted onto EIP caseloads within two weeks, EIP service provision will be extended to provide a service for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis who are aged 35-65 years and will develop an early detection function to routinely assess and offer interventions to people identified as being in an 'At Risk Mental State (ARMS) for psychosis and EIP services will provide a full range of NICE concordant evidence based interventions for young people with psychosis and their families (NICE QS 80). Conclusion: How the standard has been defined and the requirement to have an aspirational target that is challenging and achievable will be discussed.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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