Adaptation of the Psychosis Risk Assessment Instruments into Estonian

Poster C92, Saturday, October 22, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Siim Jakobsoo1,2; 1The University of Tartu, 2Tartu University Hospital Psychiatry Clinic

The goal of the present study was to carry out a preliminary adaptation project of the Estonian version of ERIraos Interview (Early Recognition Inventory based on IRAOS) and ERIraos Checklist which assess the at-risk mental state usually present before psychosis. Forty-nine people participated in this study, out of them 17 were grouped into at-risk mental state group. The data were assessed with ICC (intraclass correlation coefficient) reliability analysis, chi-square test and correlation analysis. According to the results ERIraos Interview scores had a very strong inter-rater reliability and a very strong correlation with the composite score of the psychopathology measurement instruments, as well as with the scores of ERIraos Checklist. The present study demonstrated preliminary instruments reliability and validity evidence, whilst ongoing research is needed to elaborate these results. Keywords: at-risk mental state, ERIraos, adaptation

Topic Area: Translational Research

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