An Integrated Model of Care for Dual Diagnosis in a Specialist Youth Mental Health Clinic

Poster C76, Saturday, October 22, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Enrico Cementon1,2, Edward Mullen1, Anne Roseman1, Dianne Albiston1; 1Orygen Youth Health, Melbourne, 2University of Melbourne

Background Dual diagnosis (DD), or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and its association with higher rates of disability, hospitalisation, reduced engagement and adverse outcomes in young people is well recognised. Current models of care are non-integrated and complicate or delay best practice treatment. Objectives To develop a novel, evidence-based, high-quality model of care for DD in Orygen Youth Health, a specialist youth mental health service that provides early intervention for mental illness. The model would be implemented in both acute and continuing care settings. Methods Initial planning was informed by a literature review and evaluation of staff attitudes and competencies for DD clinical practice with interviews and a questionnaire. Consumer views were sought by interviewing the youth participation program and a client satisfaction survey. A file audit assessed clinical practice for DD. Findings Staff awareness of DD was evidenced by the good utilisation of systems for DD screening and assessment, however there were few diagnoses or integrated interventions for DD. The barriers to integrated treatment related to clinician competency and attitudes, consumer attitudes and systemic factors. Conclusions Routine screening and assessment for DD at Orygen Youth Health enabled the systematic identification of co-occurring disorders in young people. Barriers to the development and implementation of integrated care were consistent with the literature. A novel model of intervention was developed and implemented with support from the leadership group. The model of care will be presented and contribute to the development of best practice in the early phases of mental illness.

Topic Area: Substance Use

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