The Accessibility of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Individuals Referred to Rochdale Early Intervention Service, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Complete Audit Cycle

Poster B87, Friday, October 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Saika Rahuja1, Sajish Pandaraparambil; 1Rochdale Early Intervention Service, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, 2School of Psychiatry, Northwest Deanery, Uk

Introduction In 2014 the National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK made recommendations to Early Intervention Services for the management of first episode psychosis and schizophrenia. The recommendations outlined that all those who are experiencing a first episode psychosis regardless of age should be able to readily access these services. These services included psychological interventions, namely CBT and/or Family therapy. (NICE CG178 Aim and Hypothesis The initial audit will evaluate whether there is adherence to the NICE guidelines and individuals are referred from the Rochdale EIS for CBT. The re-audit will assess whether there has been improvement in our adherence to the guidelines. The age group included in Rochdale EIS is 14-35yrs (incl) The Method A sample of around 50 individuals have been randomly selected (using a computerised random selection process) from a sample of approx 120 from the database Oct 2015-March 2016. Patients notes/referral documentation will be audit standards as to whether patients had been referred. The data is currently being analysed. The audit has not been completed and the re-audit will use data collected from April 2016-Aug 2016. The results will be analysed and compared. I am aware that data is incomplete at this point but endeavour that this will be completed by the time of the conference.

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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