"OPEN MINDS IN NETWORK" - The promotion of mental health in schools.

Poster B125, Friday, October 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Federica Pizzolante1, Cristina Ardigò2, Silvana Enfi2, Annalisa Cerri3, Giuseppina Ferrigno4, Sara Benedetti5, Giannantonio Mezzetti6, Anna Meneghelli1; 1Associazione Cambiare la Rotta Onlus, 2Associazione Aiutiamoli Onlus, 3Associazione Contatto, 4Associazione Fare Assieme, 5Associazione Psiche Lombardia, 6Prevention Group

Objective: Based on the initiative of the dear departed Prof. Angelo Cocchi, it was decided in 2014 to set up a prevention working group aimed at offering to middle and high schools in Milan a coordinated project based on listening, information and education about mental health in youth. Method: Founded on single past experiences, 5 associations of family members and volunteers within the Milanese territory set up a network, with the collaboration of city CAHMS and the research Institute Mario Negri. The education, addressed to students, parents and teachers, is modular and includes different types of evaluation, information and engagement, following experience and specific features of single associations. The number of meetings is flexible, depending on requests and means of schools. The meetings are aimed at attracting interest, reducing stigma, providing abilities in early identifying and copying of risk signals and difficult situations. Meetings are carried by psychologists, who are expert in mental health in youth, supported by volunteers and, in some cases, testimonials. The project won a competition announcement promoted by Social Policies Department of Milan. Some schools in Milan have already taken part to the project, including it in their programs. In one year of work it has planned to get 700 students, 80 teachers and 300 parents. In the poster fieldwork will be described, underlying strengths, mainly represented by the presence of an extended and coordinated network and by the completeness of the educational offer, articulated in order to be addressed to all protagonists of school world.

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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