The management of physical health for patients with psychotic disorders in primary care

Poster B68, Friday, October 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Jan De Lepeleire1, Helena Buys1, Eline Van Rompaey1, Josse Clauwaert1, Ezra Wynants1, Marie Coenen2, Clara Neels2, Sofie Van Winckel2, Eline Vandael2, Tim Moons3; 1KU Leuven, Department General Practice, Belgium, 2KU Leuven, Department Clinical Pharmacology, Belgium, 3Psychiatric Hospital OPZ Geel, Belgium

Introduction Primary care can contribute to a qualitative and effective process of (somatic) care for patients with psychosis. The use of antipsychotics e.g. needs a conscientious follow up. The aim of this project was to explore how the guidelines concerning the follow up of cardiovascular and metabolic side effects of antipsychotic drugs are used in Flanders, how this process can be improved, how the somatic care for patients with psychosis is handled in general practice and what role psychiatrists, pharmacists and GPs play in this process. Methods A mixed method was used combining personal interviews, focus groups and postal questionnaires of general practitioners, community and hospital pharmacists, nurses and psychiatrists. The NHS Lester UK adaptation guideline 2014 was adapted to the Flemish situation. Results In total 57 health care professionals were involved: 29 were interviewed (9 GPs, 7 psychiatrists, 11 pharmacists and 2 nurses) and 28 GPs answered the postal questionnaire. The adapted guideline is manageable in Flanders. The follow up of cardiometabolic parameters is a GPs task, supported by the psychiatrist and pharmacist and using evidence based guidelines. The knowledge and use of guidelines in all disciplines are very poor and suboptimal. Shared electronic medical records and structured interdisciplinary consultation are favourable. Discussion The care for somatic problems in patients with psychosis is a GP task, to be supported by psychiatrists, pharmacists, evidence based guidelines, shared electronic data files and interdisciplinary concertation.

Topic Area: Psychopharmacology

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