Identification of young people in the early stages of psychosis: validation of the CVEP, a checklist for use in primary care.

Poster B12, Friday, October 21, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Le Baron

Lorenzo Pelizza1, Andrea Raballo1, Enrico Semrov1, Silva Azzali1, Ilaria Scazza1, Sara Garlassi1, Federica Paterlini1, Francesca Fontana1, Rosanna Favazzo1, Luana Pensieri1, Michela Fabiani1, Leonardo Cioncolini1; 1Reggio Emilia Mental Health Department

The study aims to establish the concordant validity of the Italian version of the Early Detection Primary Care Checklist (Checklist per la Valutazione dell’Esordio Psicotico [CVEP]), a 20 item tool designed to help primary care practitioners identify young people in the early stages of psychosis. The checklist was completed by the referring practitioners of 168 young people referred to the “Regional Project for Early Psychosis” (PREP) implemented in the Reggio Emilia Mental Health Department. The concordant validity of the checklist was established by comparing screen results with a standardised psychiatric assessment for identifying young people who may be at a risk of developing psychosis (CAARMS). Preliminary analysis found that the simple checklist as originally conceived had excellent sensitivity (98%) but only good specificity (58%). Simple cross tabulations showed the more discriminant CVEP items. Subsequent exploratory analysis (logistic regression) led to the development of other performing models for the combination of item responses to predict CAARMS outcomes. The best model retained the use of five checklist items and achieved sensitivity of 76% and specificity of 63%. The initial checklist was much longer but performed well as a screening tool. These tools are not intended as a diagnostic instrument; rather it has been designed as a bridge between primary care and specialist services and to build on the skills and knowledge already held by primary care practitioners. Following a consideration of the limitations of this study, the continued evaluation of the tools performance in practice is recommended.

Topic Area: First Episode Psychosis

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