The EIP Matrix: an online tool that allows Early Intervention in Psychosis teams to have real time visualised data on the level of fidelity to NICE recommendations

Sarah Amani1, Belinda Lennox1, Stuart Clark1, Frank Burbach1; 1Oxford Academic Health Science Network, 2Oxford Academic Health Science Network, 3Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 4Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Following the announcement of the access and waiting time standards for first episode psychosis, the NHS England South Implementation Programme identified the need for an online tool to provide teams with real time feedback on the level of fidelity to NICE recommendations. The purpose of the project was to develop and test a tool to measure fidelity of Early Intervention in Psychosis Services spanning 16 mental health providers and 50 Clinical Commissioning Groups. Following a call for nominations, a regional clinical expert reference group was formed to inform the development of the tool ('EIP Matrix'). A specification was developed based on: NICE guidelines for Psychosis and Schizophrenia; expert opinions gathered through surveys of experts and literature reviews; opinions of users of EIP and their advocates regarding what works; site visits to a range of EIP services across the UK. The EIP Matrix calculates percentages, using denominators and agreed thresholds to produce colour coded bar charts which indicate levels of achievement against set thresholds. The EIP Matrix was used by 15 out of 16 mental health providers indicating a high acceptability. In conclusion, the EIP Matrix is a feasible, compact and reliable online tool that can support teams to track adherence to evidence-based practices for treating first episode psychosis, and a means to compare outcomes over time. The EIP Matrix can be applied to measuring the fidelity of any first-episode psychosis service against NICE recommendations.

Topic Area: Service System Development and Reform

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