Application of IPS within the STAND-UP Program for the early treatment of onset of psychosis in DSM-DP Ausl in Piacenza

Corrado Cappa1, Valentina Castignoli1, Silvia Gazzola1, Paola Pedrini1, Paola Scottini1, Valentina Zorza1, Giuliano Limonta1; 1Department of Mental Health and Addictive Behavior, AUSL Piacenza

Aims: Evaluating the efficacy of the IPS path (Individual Placement and Support) in relation to the competitive start of a job, in users already enrolled into the STAND-UP program of DSM-DP AUSL in Piacenza. Methods: IPS is systematically suggested to users enrolled into the STAND-UP program. The intervention is realized by a dedicated team, already educated to this task, able to support the user while looking for, getting and maintaining a job. No preliminary filter is applied to users who ask to work, as settled by the evidence-based methodology of IPS. The IPS team communicates with the team of psychiatrists on a regular basis.Results: 12 users among the ones enrolled into the STAND-UP program have been sent to IPS since October 2010. Number of job interviews carried out by then: 21; number of jobs: 15; only one user used welfare payment; 2 users quitted their jobs; 6 go on with their jobs; 1 user left IPS. Conclusions: Application of the IPS method, verified by a dedicated Fidelity Scale (Fidelity score on April, 21st, 2016: 105, good fidelity), shows an accordance to international results in getting a job for people at onset of psychosis. 6 users up to 12 (50%) are continuing their job. Only one interrupted attending IPS; the intervention aimed at supporting the search for a job goes on for the others.

Topic Area: Psychosocial Interventions

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